Welcome to
Why-Am-I-Cattle Co.

At Why-Am-I-Cattle Company, we're not just about farming; we're driven by purpose and passion that have been ingrained in our family's heritage for generations. What truly sets us apart is the name we've chosen – "Why-Am-I-Cattle Company." It's not merely a label; it's a profound question we ask ourselves daily: Why are we doing this? Why do we tend to these fields and animals with unwavering commitment? Why is ranching so integral to our lives?

This question serves as our guiding compass, propelling us to delve deep into our purpose. It's our reminder of why we do what we do. And here's the heart of it – if there ever comes a day when we can't answer that question, it's a signal that we must reevaluate our path. Losing sight of why we're ranching prompts us to consider changes and seek a renewed sense of purpose.

For over five generations, the Rienhardt family has been deeply involved in the agriculture industry, tending to the land, raising animals, and building their expertise. Originating from dairy farming and teaching backgrounds, Mike and Joyce Rienhardt, together for over three decades, have laid the foundation of their family in agriculture, while raising their three children, Mackenzie, Zachary, and Laura, in the picturesque foothills of the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York.

The Rienhardt family's journey has been closely intertwined with the dairy industry, where they diligently built an impressive herd of Holsteins and Brown Swiss, focusing primarily on cattle genetics. Despite a brief hiatus after selling their family dairy in 2017 to savor precious moments with their growing children, agriculture remained an unwavering part of their identity.

In the summer of 2021, the Rienhardt family, driven by their enduring love for agriculture, embarked on a new adventure with the establishment of Rienhardt Ranch & Why-Am-I Cattle Co. Their foundation herd, originating from Gainesville, Texas, has continuously expanded, and the family has made this endeavor a true family affair, further strengthened when Mackenzie married Alex, joining the Crawford family. Each member has played a vital role in the ranch's success, whether through travel, physical labor, managing social media, or addressing inquiries. They have cherished the experience of working together to achieve their shared goals and have taken time to explore various ranches and events, forging meaningful connections along the way.

Simply put, their priorities, deeply rooted in faith, are God, family, and business. Service to others and the belief in leaving things better than they found them are at the heart of everything they do.

As a part of this journey, Why-Am-I-Cattle Company's name serves as a constant reminder to the Rienhardt and Crawford families to stay connected to their profound purpose. They invite you to join them and experience how the essential question, "Why are we doing this?" shapes everything they do, from caring for their animals to stewarding the land and being active in their community. Their unwavering dedication to these values forms the core of their identity and everything they stand for.

The Rienhardt and Crawford families are thrilled that you're here and eagerly look forward to connecting with you. They extend a warm invitation to visit them soon and be a part of their remarkable journey in Lafayette, New York, and Burlington, North Carolina!